Jeff Knight
Executive Vice President 925-596-3631

Jeff Knight is the Executive Vice President of Sales for Edge Sales & Marketing. He manages our Pac Northwest team and supports our new Southwest team in Denver and Idaho, and he brings a deep understanding of the produce industry and what retailers in the industry are looking for. This comes from years of experience as a Regional & Category Director with Safeway. Jeff also has experience as a Produce Manager and Merchandiser; giving him a unique perspective of the entire produce industry.

With over 30 years of experience, Jeff has developed great relationships. With these connections and his experienced team, Jeff is able to meet the daily challenges of the business and achieve success for our vendors. Jeff believes in the importance of building trust with the local Produce Managers, a belief shared by his entire team.

Jeff joined Edge Sales & Marketing in 2015. He valued Edge’s produce industry expertise and was excited for the opportunity to work with people who are driven and passionate about what they do; providing their clients with exceptional service and support. Edge also attracted Jeff because of their diverse portfolio of brands, putting Edge on top of the list for any retailer or distributor to work with.

Outside of the office, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and son; working out, playing golf, traveling and watching a good movie.