Brad Raffanti
CEO 925-988-9488

Brad Raffanti, CEO of Edge Sales & Marketing started the business over nineteen years ago. When Brad envisioned starting Edge, he was focused on hiring the most talented people and providing them an environment that would foster a passion to succeed.

Brad sees the brokerage business continuing to grow, particularly within the perimeter of stores. Brad and his team at Edge understand this, they strive to continuously learn, and are innovative in their approach. With Brad’s knowledge and expertise in the sales and marketing field, he is able to devote his energy, focus, and resources to support Edge and its clients to prosper in this competitive arena.

Brad’s vision for Edge has always been to offer clients a best in class sales and marketing service within the produce arena. In 2015 Edge expanded into the Pacific Northwest and in 2020 entered the Southwest region offering produce suppliers this same vision by devoting the best resources and most talented individuals to drive superior results.

Brad appreciates working with smart and passionate people and building a business that thrives on results. And while Brad loves what he does, having a work life balance is important to him. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, getting in some stress relieving exercise, golf and travel.