Our Passion, Your Results

Produce is our passion, and helping your brand succeed is our mission. We are a privately owned sales and merchandising company based in Pleasanton, California, specializing in value-added and commodity produce for the Western US, supporting California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Denver, and Idaho.

We are a produce centric firm,
experts in our field, and our roots
run deep in the industry.

We’re here to help grow your brand by building brand awareness, reaching new audiences, and connecting you with our established retailers and vendors. We’re your trusted source with the expertise you need to take your business to the next level. Whether you’re seeking help with account management, retail merchandising, or analytics, we’re here to ensure your brand is a strong force in the industry.

We value our relationships, and it shows. We foster a company environment that champions creativity and thought leadership, and this passion spreads to everyone we encounter.

We’d love to partner with you.